Welcome to the virtual Unicorn

This website aims to keep up to date with developments to The Unicorn Public House. Great Rollright, and bring news, photos and a little history.  Our wish is we, as a community, regain our Public House. We wish to buy and run it!

The picture above shows it when it was open.
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Why we have started this site

The idea is to build a visual and written history of the Rollright Unicorn inn, and hopefully chart its restoration, with the hope that one day it is a pub again. It would be great to think we could have a nice village centre and utilise the building, not only as a public house, but also integrate a shop and some form of post office under one roof.


And we need your help too

We are all aware the pub has been closed for many years. Some may also be aware of the planning applications submitted both to WODC and to Bristol in appeal against WODCs decisions. There is also a lot of hearsay regarding the internal condition. We hope with your help, memories and photos, to create an on line "home" for The Unicorn.


Photographs show a sign above the door. It looks like it says Hook Norton Ales and there is a sign on the ground next to the door. Can anyone tell us what that said, and confirm the Hooky link? Hook Norton say it was never one of their pubs. We would love to date this picture too.

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We have searched books and the net for the information contained within this site. If any image or text is covered by copyright we don't know about, please get in touch.